• To provide the opportunity to test and reinforce through a practical work on a Real Project, the effective incorporation of the concepts and methodologies learned in the course, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, at a personal and group level.
  • To consolidate skills Planning and project management analysis.
  • To provide the participant the opportunity to interact with colleagues and/or partners in a Real Project and Business environment, generating a Proposal that adds value to the Company, strengthening their professional, their own professional abilities and the ones of their staff.
  • To provide the company the opportunity to evaluate the Return on Investment in this training Program considering the additional Added Value generated by participants with their contribution with a Real Project.
  • An external Tutoring and a Web based Tool for the support and development of Real Projects will be established. This working interaction with the Tutor and the ProManager Tool will reinforces and strengthens the learning of new techniques and methodologies


This post-course work aims to complement and reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom, through the practical application of course content to a Real Project for the Company, while giving participants the opportunity to generate a real value added to the Businessa.

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