Privacy Policy


Business Skills (Skills USA llc) is committed to the protection of its clients personal data, assuming responsibility for its use, management, storage and confidentiality in accordance with current regulations on Personal Data Protection. The purpose of this notice is to disclose the treatment to which personal data are subjected.

The only personal data Business Skills receives at certain times is that of participants of our programas (Training and / or evaluation programs). I general they include:  full name, company for which they work, position within the company and email address.

Said data is stored temporarily for the duration of the Program (from one day to 3 months). The storage is done by encrypted codes and the data is canceled once the Program is completed.

This data is not shared with any other institution or organization, nor used for any other purpose than communications with participants during the Programs.

In certain cases, people’s information is kept for the purpose of sending them information about new programs. It is made clear to each person that they can ask to be removed from the database so as to stop receiving any further information or be contacted again.

Business Skills issues this notice on its website and at every opportunity it deems appropriate. In particular, it seeks to collaborate with clients who follow a strict policy regarding these issues, so as to align all actions on our part with said policy.

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