About Us
BUSINESS SKILLS  is one of the most experienced worldwide companies in development and usage of Business Simulations for training and assessment.

About Us

 Business Skills is one of the most experienced worldwide companies in development and usage of Business Simulations for training and assessment.

It´s been 20 years since Business Skills started offering Simulation programs and tools to lead companies from USA, Spain and Latin America. Business Skills has developed more than 30 generic and customized Simulations, in different languages, for different countries, industries and with different contents. These programs can be applied to on-site, virtual and blend activities, for Training and Assessment of Human Resources.

Business Skills directors were trained at Wharton and MIT on Modeling and Training supported by Simulations. Our directors are associate professors on MBA programs of lead Universities in Latin America and Spain. These programs are supported by Simulations, which act as training integration tools at the end of the Programs.
Research shows that Training supported by Simulation has become the most powerful methodology for executive training (time – cost – benefit relation). This is the reason why more and more companies and universities nowadays choose to include this methodology in their programs.

Business Skills has built a “state of the art” company-owned platform for the development of Simulations (quantitative and qualitative) This powerful platform facilitates and accelerates development, which turns into lower costs and shorter deadlines. Besides, Business Skills methodology is not limited to Simulations. Our programs integrate conceptual presentations with Simulation sessions, and how they are connected to participants’ day-to-day business reality. That is, they generate an important level of “best practices” development. They can immediately be applied the day after the training. No other methods match the high learning results of Simulations methodology.

Comprehensive Methodology and Approach

We work in a comprehensive manner stimulating the brain’s natural learning process, which requires several impacts for effective learning: rational + emotional + imagination + experience + play + reward.

It has a practical approach, which for adults is the best way to learn: analyzing real business situations, defining strategies, making decisions, assessing the impact, responding creatively, looking for improvements, in a virtuous circle of analysis, strategy, action, assessment, creativity and improvement.

What is a




The simulated environments are virtual, experiential situations with enough contents and effects as to generate an illusion of reality which leads participants to give answers similar to those in the real world.

The simulation is worked in small teams and plenary sessions. The interaction of the small teams with the simulation itself represents 50% of the total time of the activity. The rest of the time, instructors link the simulation to the theory and to the reality of the business, leading the participant to think in an efficient mix that nourishes them with the best practices to be applied on their day-to-day job.

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